Vinyl Cases

Get Your Pretty Road Cases Here

"Got them pretty road cases...
Protect our guitars, protect our amps
Got them pretty road cases throw them out an airplane
and they'll just bounce..."

Anyone with any touring or concert experience knows the absolute importance of protecting your gear. You as the artist or tech have invested your finances, time, and soul into your gear, thus, the necessity of having top quality and affordable road cases.

Let Pretty Road Cases build for you the highest quality cases in the business, set to your specific needs.

"We don't just build ‘em, we push 'em too."

With over 40 years touring experience, the road-hardened crew of Drive-By Truckers knows a thing or two about road cases. These boys have traveled to every corner of the world, played in every conceivable concert venue from the smallest dives to the grandest arenas.

Having hauled, pushed, lifted and repaired road cases all over the world, they came up with a brilliant idea: let's build our own cases.

Pretty Road Cases was born.

The company was established in January of 2012, but the boys have been building cases for years bringing that experience to the workshop. Now they are building custom cases for all your touring needs.

Even though the company is young, they've already worked with such outstanding artists as R.E.M., Drive By-Truckers, Alabama Shakes, Futurebirds, and David Barbe.

They guarantee the highest quality and affordability and will accommodate your most specific needs.

Pretty Road Cases will custom build any style of case needed for your specific situation. This includes cases for guitars, drums, audio equipment, lighting cases, tech worlds, and any other style you might need in any color or design.

Their craft isn't only limited to music equipment. They can build cases for the hobbyist, the vinyl collector, even the sports enthusiasts. If you need to protect important equipment, Pretty Road Cases has the case for you.

Not only do the boys bring the highest craftsmanship but top-notch customer service as well. Hey, these are friendly folks. They will work within your specified time frame and with the utmost care to make your touring experience that much easier.

From the band in the van to the largest acts, Pretty Road Cases guarantees to meet your needs.